What We Do

WHITE HEAVEN SOLUTION GENERAL TRADING LLC has earned trust in the world’s energy markets by operating with integrity and efficiency to bridge the divide between producers and consumers.

Commodity Trading and Asset Management

We trade liquid and dry bulk commodities, and we invest in selective assets and infrastructure that optimize our trade flows and create long-term value.


WHITE HEAVEN SOLUTION GENERAL TRADING LLC acquired a 65,000 barrels/day crude oil processing unit and associated marine fuel trading business in Fujairah in early 2023. Adding the Fujairah production facility to our portfolio has enabled us to improve further our product offering to our low-sulfur fuel customers in the region. This investment demonstrates our long-term commitment to this sector.


WHITE HEAVEN SOLUTION GENERAL TRADING LLC is working diligently to accelerate the future of tomorrow’s energy mix. Although there remains tremendous value and necessity in hydrocarbon-based energy, we believe in and are committed to more sustainable sources, including Wind and Solar.